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It is important to us that our customer are satisfied with the services they’ve received. And we want to share with you the positive feedback they’ve given us. If you’ve had a good experience with one of our providers, why not leave us a comment and let us know!


  1. We were landscaping a multi million dollar property and needed a storage container for some of the materials such as edging blocks and stepping stones, etc. We called ASAP for a price and loved that all 3 sizes they have were the same price per month, just differed on delivery fees. We got the size we needed for a great price. Much thanks asap.

  2. I was putting new floors throughout my house and new it was going to take at least a week to finish them all and al my things wouldn’t fit in the garage. My contractor suggested a storage container and ASAP in particular. I called them and they helped me determine the size I would need. The containter was delivered promptly and they had such nice people. Glad I was able to go through a company who made everything so easy!

  3. We bought an old 70’s era trailer and completely gutted it and remodeled it. We had a lot of stuff to store while going through this process and with all the rain we have been getting here recently I had nightmares about our stuff getting ruined if we put it in a storafe facility. We did some research on the pod storage and caled around. We chose to go wtih ASAP not only because the price was good but because the service was good. They helped us have piece of mind while going through the remodel process. Thanks!

  4. My wife gave me a long honey-do list which included new floors, painting, and crown molding. This of course meant we needed to clear the house of the furniture and decorations. I have heard horror stories of theft and damage to peoples stuff when they put it at storage facilities so we decided to look for a portable storage option. We called a few of the big name companies you see all over and their prices seemed pretty high so we decided tokeep looking. We came across ASAP and their price was immediately cheaper. Glad we kept looking and found them. Now to get working on that honey do list……

  5. Electrical Contractors says

    We won the bid on a large electrical project and needed a 40′ pod type container to store materials and tools in on site. We sent in a request for a quote via the website and someone got back to us with full pricing in minutes. It was so quick I didn’t even have a chance to call or email any other companies. ASAP gave us a ridiculously cheap price monthly, and the delivery and pick up fees were really low too. We are hoping to bid more of these types of jobs in the future, and as long as ASAP services the area we will be working in, we will be using them.

  6. I buy storage lockers for a living and I don’t have the money for a warehouse space or anything so I was trying to figure out where I could store items as I cleaned out the lockers and before I sold the stuff. My friend had said something about using a portable storage unit so I decided to look into it. ASAP was one of the first companies I called but the ended up being the best. They gave me all my options, and the price was great too. I liked that I could keep it for whatever time frame i needed it, no minimum or contract. Definitley better than havin to get a rental space!

  7. Our house flooded due to all the rain we have been getting. We were having a company come in and clean all the water out and fix the damage. While this was happening we needed a place to store the furniture that wasn’t damaged and other belongings. ASAP was so sweet and helpful. They gave me a great price and helped me through a hard time. The unit was clean and well made, definitely didn’t have to worry about any rain or pests getting into it. Hopefully we will never be in a situation to use them again, but if I do find myself there I will call them for sure.

  8. My wife and I decided to build our dream house, and as most construction projects go it was not finished on time. Unfortunately our lease in our apartment was up and we had to move out. We had ASAP take a storage unit to the site of our dream house and we moved all of our furniture and what not into so it was ready to go once the house was completed. We ended up only need it for a little over a month and it was very affordable. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for some storage options!

  9. We needed a site container in a very remote location. ASAP was able to get it to us within a few days and even though we had to pay a little more for the delivery and pick up, they were willing to deliver it when no one else would. We will for sure keep them in mind for other job sites in the future.

  10. Sara Michellle says

    I moved into a smaller house that needed some work and I wsa leary of renting a storage unit at a large facility because I heard they get broken into a lot. I decided to rent a portable one so i could keep all my stuffs on my property. ASAP brought one out to me quickly and had the best price. We are working on remodeling the house and will be using the storage unit until then.They placed it in the best spot. uYou can go wrong with them.

  11. When we found out we was expecting a kid I had to clean out my man cave. These dudes brought me a storage unit to put it all in. Kept my wife happy, so they are winners in my book.

  12. As a contractor keeping my tools and my subs tools safe is a huge priority. ASAP delivered a storage unit to my job site and helped me keep our stuff safe. Will use them for many more jobs Im sure. Thanks guys.

  13. You guys are the best. I needed a storage unit on my jobsite same day and you made it happen. And at the best price! Thank you so much for everything!

  14. We were waiting on our new home to close and needed to store our household items for a month in between moving. Having the storage unit come to our home made the entire moving process much easier. They delivered to our new home, right at the front door, which eliminated trips across town and sped up our whole move. We will never move again without using ASAP Storage!


  15. Margret and Sara Beth says

    Our grandparents were remolding their house and wanted their furniture close by so that as a part of the house was completed they coul dmove back in to that area. Having a storage unit at the house made that easy for them and happy knowing that their precious belonging were close by. Thank you ASAP Storage for making a stressful situation a little easier to handle.

    Margret and Sara Beth