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20 ft Container Rental Options

For all your short term rental needs, A AAmerican Container offers 20 ft Containers with ground level access and options that meet every mobile and portable storage rental scenario.

For mobile dry storage rentals, A AAmerican Container offers wind and water tight 20 ft containers available in construction grade, with or without lockbox.

We offer 20 ft mobile offices or mobile office combination units with standard equipment including a 12,000 BTU A/C system, (5) five 110v dual plug outlets, tiled floors, secure 3.0 commercial steel door, and (2) two 30″x30″ windows and insulation. Safety is first and foremost at A AAmerican Container and we feature our own Custom Locking System (optional) for maximum security and protection.

Our 20 ft container rental plans are flexible and can be customized to meet your specific temporary storage requirements. Call the experts at A AAmerican Container today for current rental rates!

20" Rental Units

20′ Rental Units
20" Mobile Office

20′ Mobile Office
20" Interior Mobile Office with Shelving

20′ Interior Mobile Office with Shelving
20" Interior Mobile Office Modifications

20′ Mobile Office Modifications

40 ft Container Rental Options

When maximum space is needed, A AAmerican Container offers ground level access 40 ft containers for your largest portable storage requirements. Our 40 ft containers can be customized with options that meet every short term rental demand. Equipped with or without lockbox, our 40 ft dry storage containers are available in construction grade and are impervious to wind and water.

A AAmerican also offers 40 ft office and office combination units for short term rental purposes. Our 40 ft offices are equipped with air conditioning, insulation, dual plug outlets, floor tile, windows, and custom locking systems for maximum protection and theft prevention.

If your portable storage or mobile office space needs are short term in nature, call the experts at A AAmerican Container and let us customize a rental plan that works for you. With our years of proven experience, we will accommodate your 40 ft container storage requirements with flexibility and precision. Call for current rental rates today! Let us earn your business.

40" Separated Offices

40′ Separated Offices
40" Dry Storage Container Rental

40′ Dry Storage Container Rental

Our Company

A AAmerican Containers Inc. is your source for secure, on-site storage. We offer a wide range of storage container solutions, from multi – level field offices storage units, 20′ and 40′ double door shipping containers, to a variety of container accessories and custom modifications, including; windows, doors, air conditioning units and more! Our affordable portable storage and cargo shipping containers are durable, reliable and convenient.

Located in Tampa, FL., A AAmerican Container services across the United States. We are committed to delivering only high quality, ground level storage containers, wherever and whenever you want it. Whether short term or long term storage container rentals, A AAmerican offers a large inventory to ensure quick delivery and great customer service.

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Mission Statement:

A Aamerican Container’s mission is to project ourselves as a symbol of excellence within the container industry and to always exceed the expectations of our customers. We will accomplish this by honoring God as we provide: high quality, efficient and economical container solutions, skilled employees, excellent workmanship, timely service, and educating customers on choosing the best containers and modifications for their needs.

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